The Theory of Every Thing

“It is clear that we are just an advanced breed of primates on a minor planet orbiting around a very average star, in the outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies. BUT, ever since the dawn of civilization people have craved for an understanding of the underlying order of the world.

Perhaps our dawn of civilization is no dawning at all, but simply another day in the solar arch of life forms; those that are conceivable and inconceivable.  To confirm this means decoding the interconnectedness of all possible life within the context of both linear and nonlinear time.  And not just life, but consciousness itself.  Pin pointing the consciousness of all things is likely beyond the grasp of current human understanding.  Attempting it is like throwing a washing machine at a dart board, from outer space, blindfolded, drunk and swinging from a vine.  Yet we try.

This makes the idea of decoding our present visual world, as it relates to the human being, which I refer to in my title, The Theory of Everything, seem like not so ridiculous of a goal.  We can talk more about this concept while we make collage together.  Why collage?  It scratches at the edge of this wildly complex idea of craving “for and understanding of the underlying order of the (visual) world”.

Stephen Hawking

  • An ever-changing collage of existing artworks and images.
  • Moquette versions of the collage.
  • Photographs of moquettes and 3D scans of moquettes.
  • Full-scale versions of moquettes, 7 to 10 ft. tall.
  • Painted bronze casting of moquettes.