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    • “Young Moderns at UCCS,”, published December 22, 2007, by Ken Hamel
    • “Finding depth in flatness,”, published December 13, 2007, by Mark Arnest
    • “Young Moderns: Sarah Braman, Todd Chilton & John McEnroe,” published December 2007
Corpo de Mercurio by John McEnroe
“Corpo de Mercurio,” formed, scorched & painted plastic sheeting.
    • Sketches: Brief reviews of current shows. Ivar Zeile assembled three compelling solos that are unrelated but work great together, Bruce Price, John McEnroe, Evan Colbert. Denver Westword Arts, May 24, 2007, by Michael Paglia.
    • Triple Threat: Plus Gallery’s latest exhibit heats up the season, featuring three solo exhibitions from Bruce Price, John McEnroe and Evan Colbert. Denver Westword Arts, May 10, 2007, by Michael Paglia.
    • Zeile for Art: Featuring McEnroe’s Rococo Nuovo, a wall-mounted installation of giant, silvery foil-like blobs. Denver Westword, April 19, 2007.

1996 to 2006

  • “Art for moving masses,”, published November 13, 2006, by Kieran Nicholson
  • Seeing Thinks: Smart conceptual solos are on view at + Gallery. Denver Westword Arts, June 16, 2005, by Michael Paglia. Denver has many proponents of conceptualism; key among them is John McEnroe, the subject of a solo show at + Gallery. The impressive John McEnroe: Upshot continues the artist’s longstanding, ongoing exploration of the possibilities of plastic as an art material.
  • Gallery on a grand scale,”, published May 20, 2005
  • Best Gallery Show – Group: This Year’s Model, Cordell Taylor Gallery, Denver Westword, March 25, 2004
  • Look Out: Contemporary artists take off on contemporary society, Denver Westword Arts, May 22, 2003, by Michael Paglia. Sharing the front space with Colin Livingston at Cordell Taylor Gallery are two ceiling-hung installations by John McEnroe, a local master in the field of absurd conceptualism.
  • Formal Fun: Sculpture rules at Artyard and the Foothills Art Center, Denver Westword Arts, May 7, 2002, by Michael Paglia. Half of the more than fifty artists in the show are from Colorado, including some very prominent ones like John McEnroe and Lawrence Argent.
  • The Show Must Go On, Denver Westword Arts, October 4, 2001, by Michael Paglia. Two spectacular, sophisticated installations, western in theme, by John McEnroe – “Blue Spruce” and “Red Oak.”
  • Fast and Loose: A fond farewell to MoCAD’s director, Denver Westword Arts, November 2, 2000, by Michael Paglia. “American Master Works,” by Denver’s John McEnroe, is a group of organic sculptures.
  • Best installation show – group, Denver Westword Best of Denver, June 29, 2000. Western Vernacular: Colorado Installation included ambitious pieces by the likes of Chuck Parson, Jeff Richards, John McEnroe, David Brady, Linda Herritt and Elizabeth Faulhaber.
  • Art Beat: Michael Paglia’s brief sketches of what’s happening in the Denver art scene, Denver Westword Arts, April 13, 2000. Featuring John McEnroe’s American Standard.
  • Inside Look, Denver Westword Arts, September 2, 1999, by Michael Paglia. Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver’s current show Western Vernacular: Colorado Installations features “Blue Funk in My American Home: Thoughts on Population Control,” by Denver’s John McEnroe.
  • Please Be Seated, Denver Westword Arts, February 11, 1999, by Michael Paglia. Virginia Folkstad’s Musical Chairs: A Competition for Position show. In contrast to Folkestad’s poetic ambiguity, another regional installation-art star, John McEnroe, is sardonic and direct.
  • Fully Installed, Denver Westword Arts, July 25, 1996, by Michael Paglia. Local group shows explore the place where sculpture meets installation, featuring John McEnroe and “Voyage.”